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im mark i play ITG and SM im new to the FFR world ^_^
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HxC trance
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KA0Z R4VR writes...
at 4:32:38am on 9/22/08
Looks like you tried playing 2 days ago :)
frostraver writes...
at 11:00:08pm on 6/17/08
i like your picture hah
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 9:12:38pm on 6/16/08
I don't care if you're better than me, that's not the point, I already know I'm not the best FFR player. The point is anyone who calls me a "newb" has no idea what they're talking about, or is too angry to think of a logical insult. It seems that you're looking too much at how many AAAs I have rather than looking at my scores. You have some nice scores that I can't beat, but you also have a lot of crap scores. Also, I've been here longer than you.
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 2:07:39pm on 6/16/08
Yet you were the one who called me a "newb" first, even though my stats are far higher than yours.
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 1:38:58pm on 6/16/08
You're the "newb" in this conversation.
Tophius writes...
at 11:58:48pm on 6/11/08
Okay... send it, please. :)
Tophius writes...
at 10:47:08pm on 6/11/08
Hey Red. I know this sounds retarded, but could you send me a Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] challenge? :)
moondoggie_luv writes...
at 7:57:26pm on 6/10/08
nice make up XD
mhmimkaddie writes...
at 10:55:09pm on 5/4/08
hey!!! =DD
-Moo- writes...
at 1:40:39am on 10/28/07
Who is your cousin?
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