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7th Official Tournament Log
Posted on: July 9, 2012, at 04:34:33pm   [3 comments]
Apparently I'm in D3, having skillboosted a couple of months ago from D1 straight to D3.

[x] AAA a song
[] Survive 4 rounds
[] Get a prize (10th)
[] Top 8
[] Top 3
[] First

Round 1: Infinity (AAA)
I'm not a fan of swings as they're one of my worse patterns, so when I saw the description of this file I was anticipating difficulty AAAing. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun with this file and AAA'd it without much trouble. The swings weren't too difficult and the patterns were straightforward and balanced. I really liked the chart and music.

Round 2: CS Custom Gun Sounds (AAA)
When I first went into this file, I knew what to expect music-wise. Random gun sounds with arrows stepped to them. What I didn't expect were the minijacks in both the beginning and the end. The beginning didn't take me long to lock down, and I was consistently AAAing the first 500 or so notes except for the weird orange and white colored notes occasionally. The minijacks merged with hands were a different story. My first reaction when I saw them was "WTF is this ****?" I did so badly on them my first time through I had to mirror because my right hand is better at jacking, and I nearly choked on my AAA run on the last minijack because I was so nervous. I really disliked this file compared to Infinity, not because it was more difficult but because of the pattern choice.

Round 3: Baby Still Too Fat (2-0-0-0)
I definitely could have AAA'd this round. The major thing that prevents me from AAAing is the annoying amount of lag. I'm getting a lot of visual lag which makes it difficult to AAA the more dense parts, and when I AAA most of the song I tend to screw up on the easy parts which has lost me many an AAA. The minijack/one-handed trill section is rather obnoxious because I usually screw up there. Then I randomly develop mindblocks throughout the song. This score should get me through though and I know I could AAA with no lag so it's not a problem.

Posted on: May 24, 2012, at 09:39:03am   [3 comments]
Broke sub-1000 avrank! :D The last 100-200 were a pain because it seemed to take forever. Went from 2000 to 1000 in only 18 days. :)

Achievement Tracker
Posted on: May 19, 2012, at 04:46:09pm   [0 comments]
List of goals/milestones that I want to hit.

6/11/12 - Updated for new difficulty system.

[x] FC all Standard/Tricky songs [3/20/12]
[x] FC all Very Tricky songs [3/25/12]
[x] FC all Difficult songs [6/11/12]
[] FC all Very Difficult songs
[] FC all Challenging songs
[] FC all Very Challenging songs

[x] AAA all Easiest songs [~5/11/12]
[x] AAA all Beginners songs [6/21/12]
[] AAA all Very Easy songs
[] AAA all Easy songs

[x] AAA 50 songs [3/27/12] (Come With Me)
[x] AAA 100 songs [5/19/12] (Electro Rush x8)
[x] AAA 150 songs [6/23/12] (Little Star)
[] AAA 200 songs

[x] AAA a Tricky song [5/3/12] (Tribe Attacker)
[x] AAA a Very Tricky song [5/19/12] (Electro Rush x8)
[x] AAA a Difficult song [5/10/12] (Electrical Parade -Remix-)
[x] AAA a Very Difficult song [5/12/12] (Seven)
[] AAA a Challenging song

[x] Average rank under 5000 [3/26/12]
[x] Average rank under 4000 [4/5/12]
[x] Average rank under 3000 [4/30/12]
[x] Average rank under 2000 [5/6/12]
[x] Average rank under 1000 [5/24/12]
[] Average rank under 500

[] Get regionally ranked (Yay N.E. :( )

[x] Unlock all Purchased songs [5/16/12] (Fuccen expensive...)
[x] Unlock all Secret songs [5/5/12]

[x] 3,000,000,000 Grand Total [5/16/12]
[] 4,000,000,000 Grand Total

Tell V3
Posted on: May 18, 2012, at 05:15:06pm   [2 comments]
Going for it... 5 runs done as of 5:14 PM ST. This fits in well with my plan to clean up scores and AAA today since I'm too lazy to get Coactive and too possessive of my replays. :P

I'm actually switching between I'm Just a DJ and Love, the Elephant. :P

Edit: Got it at 5:45 PM ST. :D Waiting for it to be awarded now.

Edit2: Got it!

AAAing day
Posted on: May 18, 2012, at 12:35:07am   [6 comments]
Looks like today's the day that I go through a load of the lower level songs and clean them up... Let's see how many I can go before messing up. :P Legacy genre is going to be awful though because I have to BF (hopefully AAA) SSSG for OWA's Pokemon tourney.

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pikakirby123 writes...
at 12:16:32am on 4/20/15
I'm starting over on a new account because I suck after not playing for 3 years. Username is AragakiAyase.
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 9:33:59pm on 1/8/13
pika MIA!
Jake Ferguson writes...
at 6:23:22pm on 12/31/12
Have an awesome New Year's!! :D
Come back, I miss our random sharing of replays and stuff...
Jason34521 writes...
at 9:13:03am on 11/7/12
y u delete me?
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 7:17:09am on 9/18/12
what jake said!
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 7:09:34pm on 8/30/12
We miss you!
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 10:13:23pm on 8/25/12
haven't seen you on in a while!
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 12:47:42pm on 8/3/12
I think I used an offset of 1 on the R2 engine, I was hitting late so it helped.
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 11:29:38pm on 8/2/12
y u no play tourny song?
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 6:20:44pm on 8/1/12
I feel like the sorting hat, lol. Hmmm, a lot of talent I see .... but where to put you .... =ppp
I'll talk with Silly when she gets back. Btw, we're considering splitting D4, and having either a D3.5 or D4.5, depending on what we'd call it
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