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Playstation 3 Hacking and other shit.
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DanceDanceRevolution 666 Songlist
Posted on: June 19, 2011, at 07:05:22pm   [0 comments]
Death mail Ⅰ - 削除
Imprisonment -InsANitY DarKsIdE- - Professional-11 (Boss)
Rengetsu Ouka -AS- (Boss 2)
Koi-Uta - Prismatica Material
T5 -LV- - 555 (Kazutya)
Herschel -十惑星第九 天王星- - Extrose retuned with F-Altanative

More will come soon and comment for a song request!

My completed simfiles
Posted on: March 24, 2011, at 06:01:59pm   [1 comment]
1. T5 -Long Version-
2. Uranus RMX
4. MAX 300 ~Troubleshoot~
5. MRS△
6. Sandstorm Survivor
7. 1995
8. tsunashimaEVOLVED

More will come soon for my new random edit packs.

Comment wall
armoursheild writes...
at 2:55:53pm on 4/26/12
if you do run across it could you let me know
appreciate it peace
armoursheild writes...
at 8:02:10pm on 4/25/12
do you know anyone who might i would like to play that file lol
armoursheild writes...
at 9:46:03pm on 4/24/12
hey man how did you get the impossible song 5 for stepmania
zephix writes...
at 11:28:04pm on 4/21/12
i wrecked your video scores lol
Winrar writes...
at 2:10:18pm on 4/5/12
Thanks for the vote!
sakura080789 writes...
at 3:06:35pm on 2/15/12
alright im getting the Paranoia pack now hopefully there will be good memories in it
sakura080789 writes...
at 5:34:05pm on 2/12/12
are you uploading the Paranoia pack to mediafire as well cause alot of people will dl them from there since there is no limit
sakura080789 writes...
at 5:11:51pm on 2/12/12
i was getting your max megapack, do you think you could maybe link them through Mediafire sometime i would really like them but i only got to part6 before it said i can't download anymore
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 7:40:53am on 11/4/11
thx for the vote mate!
Sidek writes...
at 5:59:05pm on 10/13/11
bullshit delta.
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