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monkey_angel's Gameplay Stats Today
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I love alot of colors,orange,YELLOW, pink,black,gold,blue. I am 13. I go to Pryor Middle School.
I like Inuyasha (HOT!) I love horses,and dogs.
Fav Music:
I like Thai music,An Cafe (love them)...
Fav Movies:
Inuyasha,A walk to remember...
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happy beans writes...
at 5:51:28pm on 6/5/07
my internet
happy beans writes...
at 5:06:33pm on 6/5/07
i sorry *hugs*
happy beans writes...
at 6:05:45pm on 6/2/07
im a jackass now
Roy565 writes...
at 1:59:56pm on 5/21/07
Roy565 writes...
at 1:49:41pm on 5/21/07
Uh just passing by to say hi you look cool so yeah...hi!
DiamondzGirl610 writes...
at 9:47:23pm on 4/7/07
Hi u seem cool My name is Marisela I am12 goin on 13.I am wonderin wat is emo?
ToshX writes...
at 12:40:51am on 3/12/07
So, I'm guessing this is your other account?
kylehaas writes...
at 3:43:48pm on 11/6/06
ya know, i agree with your icon. except, reverse the "guys" part. (make it girls)
bartolomehorses writes...
at 3:30:44pm on 11/6/06
thx i'll add you 2 i have to go and ya that movie was the best
bartolomehorses writes...
at 3:22:55pm on 11/6/06
nice you like a walk to remmeber i didnt notice u wrote that wow
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