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Location:Neverland, Colorado, USA
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mimi143845's Gameplay Stats Today
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I've been on this planet for 16 years.. I'm a really cool nerd and part time ninja on Tuesdays. the pays real good. =X I love DDR and Stepmania <333 I also love FFR! Lolz. I love meeting new people, and I'm extremely talkitive..I also love anime and reading [Nerd!!]...
I love to draw, and play games. Anime is a-ma-zhing.
Fav Music:
I listen to pretty much anything, BESIDES COUNTRY. Yuck. D:
Fav Movies:
Harry Potter Series, Twilight Series, Avatar, Anything with Adrien Brody in it....Hehe. <3 :)
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ddr_f4n writes...
at 6:29:56pm on 5/29/11
Hooray! *hugs back*
ddr_f4n writes...
at 5:02:37pm on 5/18/11
Oh do I get a free hug? :3
manthedan writes...
at 2:43:22pm on 5/13/11
wutsup ninja status
manthedan writes...
at 1:24:26pm on 5/13/11
ello ello
LauraJ writes...
at 12:59:11pm on 5/13/11
that ava looks vaguely familiar.. xD
Darkbreezee writes...
at 12:56:09pm on 5/13/11
well i always like to play MP , but please hell no lvl 11-12 songs xD (including 13 as well xD)
Darkbreezee writes...
at 12:41:02pm on 5/13/11
thanks for the comment ;D
are u good at ffr? .. i kinda suck ..., letz play some games if u want to ;)
just leave me a msg ^_^
Zone1 writes...
at 12:31:21pm on 5/13/11
hey ur from colorado! awesome, i'm from denver <3 but i live in las vegas u rave?
Darkbreezee writes...
at 12:15:05pm on 5/13/11
hey hey , welcome to FFR , wish ya a great time here tho ;)
if u might have any questions about the game / Tokens 'n stuff feel free to ask me ^_^
Greetings from Germany:
Dark ^.~
sakura080789 writes...
at 11:56:43am on 5/12/11
your welcome if you need any help don't hesitate to ask me
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