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Calling all AP chem/former AP chem students.
Posted on: November 26, 2007, at 05:29:42pm   [2 comments]
This class is truly a dump. Dunno why I took it. Yea I gotta test tomorrow and I have no clue what's going on, I'll probably pull of a C though, maybe higher if I'm lucky. I A'd the last test that was cool, that was a shock cuz I did 0 homework.


A compound of chlorine and flourine, ClF[/size]x [size=12] reacts at about 75degreesC with uranium to produce uranium hexaflouride and chlorine flouride, ClF. A certain amount of uranium produced 5.63 g of uranium hexaflouride and 457 mL of chlorine flouride at 75degreesC and 3.00 atm. What is x? describe the geometry, polarity, and bond angles of the compound and the hybridization of chlorine.


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Sidek writes...
at 6:25:50pm on 12/7/11
i think your Zymgoria's 8-bit Adventure is your best simfile :)
x After Dawn x writes...
at 3:04:25am on 4/20/09
Happy 2 years bro
massflavour writes...
at 4:27:05am on 5/16/08
arrowprincess writes...
at 1:54:24am on 5/15/08
rotfl!! i love your avi XD
giggle55 writes...
at 1:33:03am on 5/7/08
lol. i like ur avi. it's funny
sorry for being random...
iCeCuBEz v2 writes...
at 1:13:14am on 5/2/08
profile vote
magma_edit writes...
at 1:59:38pm on 4/15/08
HAHA... just random score i got LONG time ago
Black Yoshi writes...
at 6:31:26pm on 4/12/08
About me: I'm black
Bluearrowll writes...
at 4:49:27pm on 4/1/08
nice avatar :$
iCeCuBEz v2 writes...
at 11:18:31pm on 3/12/08
should've been a permaban you nigger
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