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Mr Wisdom
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Hello! little to say... I'm primarily a Stepmania SMO player, but i dabble in the *arts* of FFR! on rare occasions. Cant really rack up anything close to the scores i hit in SMO as i am so used to playing C675 on a full screen :[..but oh well!
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danny53x writes...
at 8:28:08pm on 2/8/09
Psychotik writes...
at 10:12:20pm on 2/13/08
cool avatar, nice mask
M.F.K.R. writes...
at 6:55:30pm on 2/1/08
Stay (sic)
deadpony writes...
at 10:54:06pm on 1/22/08
i see you have my girlfriend as a friend please add me so i can be next to her :) yhankyou
masamursha writes...
at 1:36:21am on 12/13/07
rofl you bitch I didn't know you had an FFR account. sup? <3 XD ~_^
Sh4d0wRe4p3r666 writes...
at 11:19:22pm on 11/15/07
Isn't that Mick Thompson's mask?
Black Yoshi writes...
at 9:18:57am on 11/15/07
DaniXDeathstar writes...
at 11:40:44pm on 11/12/07
Hey There.
Cool Mask.
MixMaxDancer writes...
at 5:08:18pm on 11/10/07
Evil Avatar xD
Synthlight writes...
at 2:33:02pm on 11/10/07
First person to post on your wall.