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hi i'm tinaa. i'm straight and hyperr :DD. i don't know how to flirt, DON'T TALK TO me. LOL. If you did, i'll compliment your grandma isntead haters- get the fuck of my page. Altf4
crown casinooo beby, clubbingg elevation, technoo trance. I'M A NOOB @ THIS! LIKE TOTALLY LOL
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asn dramas, jdramas with Yamashita Tomohisa in it <33 fuck, he is HOT !
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Posted on: December 31, 2007, at 07:33:06am   [2 comments]
A lovely new year, a new beginning and fresh start whoo CHEEERRSSS =))
heaps of smiles and laughter !
Wish everyone the best and enjoy with family, friends and lurverrrs <3 gahaah.

lurvee tina tina tina

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MrRubix 2.0 writes...
at 1:03:20am on 5/17/08
hey hey hey long time no talk... xD
Thanatos_XII writes...
at 5:31:53pm on 5/3/08
heyy what's up DX?
Kienamaru writes...
at 1:46:54pm on 5/1/08
Way better!
Kienamaru writes...
at 2:12:33pm on 4/22/08
im better than you!!!
Kienamaru writes...
at 12:54:34pm on 4/14/08
havent been on in me whan you read it.
Yee Yee-kun writes...
at 11:30:51pm on 4/4/08
so whats up ^^
Yee Yee-kun writes...
at 11:04:32pm on 3/30/08
i mitt u 222 :(
hmm ill talk to you as soon as i can -.- happy burfday!!!
Thanatos_XII writes...
at 7:53:17am on 3/29/08
ice cream? :Q
Thanatos_XII writes...
at 5:25:47pm on 3/28/08
heyyy what's up? .-.
Yee Yee-kun writes...
at 8:18:27pm on 3/16/08
-_____- gay my internet is screwed... atm at school using a proxy :) gonna get banned lol ^^ me still luf uuuuu
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