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I've played this game extremely casually for the past few years,the end.
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NeoMaxx69 writes...
at 5:27:03am on 3/1/20
NeoMaxx69 writes...
at 12:52:51am on 11/26/15
It's k, I didn't go either. HI!
NeoMaxx69 writes...
at 12:26:23pm on 3/12/15
Also I miss the shit out of you dude. Next time you are in the area message me on facebook or something and we can plan time to chill.
NeoMaxx69 writes...
at 12:23:40pm on 3/12/15
They changed how ranking works on here. Before it was based on grandtotal, but now it's like a combination of a bunch of different things.
Sky Kitten writes...
at 11:30:34am on 2/11/15
Happy birthday! :)
NeoMaxx69 writes...
at 12:51:54am on 12/9/14
Nah they will just keep bumping me up in divisions even when I don't play at all and am still currently at my peak playing ability. (they will make more divisions by then)
Hakulyte writes...
at 1:56:38pm on 5/26/14
hi5 for meeting me out of nowhere and confusing the hell out of me for a sec. That's like exactly what I needed for the next few days to get back into the whole thing and party with everyone! Most memorable Jinx cosplay too for sure haha. \o
rachelmay writes...
at 4:12:14pm on 3/29/14
NeoMaxx69 writes...
at 12:45:44pm on 1/4/14
I like to please crowds if you know what I mean ;D
NeoMaxx69 writes...
at 5:23:35pm on 12/4/13
As long as I don't get bumped up to D6 by then I should be ok I think.
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