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i'm a 17 year old guy that is very athletic and in drama groups year round. My favorite anime are Naruto, Ruroni Kenshin, One Peice, Gundam Wing, Prince Of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha,and .Hack . My favoirite manga are Naruto, One Peice, Prince Of Tennis, D-Grey Man, Samauri Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, SGT Frog, Ranma 1/2, Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword, and Inuyasha.
Musical, Skit Night, Backpack Theatre, Soccer, Golf, Anime, Manga, Basketball, Indoor/Outdoor Track, and Magic Tricks.
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I Got A Lot Of Favorites. Too Many To List.
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The Lord Of The Rings Triliogy, School of Rock, Spirited Away, The Prestige, The Illusionist, All Godzilla,Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Tommy Boy, The Jerk, Snatch, Family Guy Series, Star Wars 1-6, Brothers Grim, The Great White North, Night At The Rocksbury, and Gladiator.
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how i got my sn
Posted on: February 27, 2007, at 10:39:36am   [0 comments]
ok so majority of you have seen lord of the rings right?

so legolas (the elf)

i'm a boy

my birthday is 12/07/1989

and just 6969 thrown in for s's and g's.

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1337h4xz0r writes...
at 12:02:57pm on 5/20/07
sup dude?
uniqueperson08 writes...
at 7:28:46pm on 5/1/07
yo there man... im pissed and randomly talked to you... im a loser
nitrous_junkie writes...
at 4:59:22pm on 4/10/07
it ryan
cheetahluver99 writes...
at 6:19:17pm on 4/1/07
purevil writes...
at 7:39:14pm on 3/29/07
nice avie
s724y writes...
at 1:59:41pm on 3/25/07
thanks bros;;
sick token collection
~DDR_Girl~ writes...
at 4:15:09pm on 3/23/07
yes, tis the best anime ever. ^_^
Nocturnal_Light writes...
at 11:31:06pm on 3/6/07
bahah ya and...i got nothin hehe...sup?
Nocturnal_Light writes...
at 9:32:04am on 3/4/07
aw man...your avatar...ive seen that's really awesome...they look so hot lol <3 niice
link583 writes...
at 11:59:53am on 3/3/07
Thankies :3
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