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Need ideas for chipmusic composition
Posted on: July 15, 2011, at 06:20:59am

I feel creative, but have no idea what to start with. Anyone want a cover/certain style of song done? I just need an excuse to compose again.

  1. Do Green Eyed Jealousy if you haven't already :V

  2. link!

  3. I want an OP. :D

  4. ait what do I call the song

  5. Magda's OP. :3 eehhehehe.

  6. ait i'll get to work on it

  7. This isn't a recommendation on what to make, but have you ever listened to the AY Riders? They're a bunch of very talented chiptune musicians, making music mostly on the ZX Spectrum. Check em out if you haven't, it's free!

  8. zx spectrum is awesome. I've tried making a few beepola songs myself. hard stuff!

  9. Haha it's called beepola?

  10. there's a tracker for the zx spectrum beeper called beepola. 1bit music ftw hehu

  11. Alright. Good luck in your endeavor!

  12. Kommi, great job on Magda's OP. It's amazing.

  13. thanks Francisco!