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~rhythm game enthusiast // stressed depressed lemon zest~ Sup! Call me Kery or Lemon, I play video games :)
I create art and my own music; hoping to find a career in either audio engineering or computer programming. Figure skater, athlete, gamer. Rhythm games are my favorite passtime, and help increase my focus and reflexes, so I get to have fun with games and improve my irl stats!
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Anything alternative and EDM.
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V for Vendetta, The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society, Howl's Moving Castle (and many other Ghibli Miyazaki movies), Promare
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Rivaloo writes at 5:44:25pm on 2/9/21
kerykomo writes at 10:16:19pm on 1/8/21
Today was the last day of the first week of back to in-person learning at school.
Needless to say I'm hating every second of it.
I think quarantine and staying inside/not socializing for the last 10 months or so has made it even worse to go in public for me.
Every time I have to talk to someone or interact with a large group of people, my anxiety gets worse, and I get shaky after every class and there's nearly no social distancing during passing periods...
Currently quaking at the thought,
kerykomo writes at 3:38:14am on 12/25/20
So I picked the wrong timezone when I made this account and I still don't know how to fix it... all of my scores are being saved at 9:00 AM and it's 2 AM...
Maybe that explains why I've been hitting a lot of wrong notes, lol
Sleepy Lemon signing off :)
Also Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates!