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16. Female, Gamer, a digital artist, a Serious trekkie and a Furrie. I am amateur to FFR, and slowly getting better. -For the irrelevant pedo information: My greatest 3 Life Insparations are GLaDos, H.G Wells, and Rob Swire, my favorite food is sushi( more specific eel sushi, yumm) I have a furaffinity, and a failbook message me if you ever for some reason want to know these. o.o Other than that. hai there. :o
sudo apt-get install life..... Cout << "Weeeeelll. Im a part time furry/ teaching myself java and C++ and open source stuff, a depending on the mood minecraft house building addict, bubblewrap popper, digital artist, dual Windows(meh)/ ubuntu ( linux <3) runner, i have an interest in muffins, zombies, pie, Star trek sleep, Warhammer 40k, getting the triforce, ive found interes in building computers, and i am slowly learing Autodesk maya and blender...:'
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Pendulum, CaptainSparklez, TryhardNinja, Ephixa, System of a down, JONATHAN COULTON <3, David Bowie, Bo Burnham, Bassnectar, Wooden Toaster, Skrillex, Paul and Storm, Sushi Island
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All of the Star Trek movies, Wargames ( both of them)
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Posted on: April 7, 2012, at 07:33:36am   [0 comments]
I dont know if I am going to like Halo 4 but...

Today is play Moar Halo 3 day. Come on. You know deep inside you really want to.. :D

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sonicdeadpool23 writes at 3:32:43pm on 1/27/16
Are you part of the Klingon empire?
Lidkid25 writes at 5:28:23pm on 6/12/12
Awesome Profile!
twanadon writes at 6:09:20pm on 4/8/12
I was wondering how come the speed cannot be adjusted to suit my level of skill it always returns back to default.
twanadon writes at 3:38:13am on 4/8/12
Like seriously can you help me with something?
Winrar writes at 6:19:38pm on 4/7/12
I forgot to add in, once you go to that link scroll to the bottom and it should say. You have 1 AAA and 122 FCs
Good job on passing the 100 mark!
Winrar writes at 6:17:54pm on 4/7/12
You're supposed to visit this link to update your stat bar.
It should be right underneath it saying, "Visit Levelrank"
I originally wanted my name to be Winnar, but I guess I was drunk enough to misspell it to Winrar xD
omgfail writes at 5:50:41pm on 4/7/12
Thanks =3 What's your avatar from? It looks kind of familiar, but I can't think of where It's from...
kjwkjw writes at 7:59:13am on 4/7/12
Thanks for the vote!
Winrar writes at 10:54:58pm on 4/4/12
Sorry I don't know :x
I just had others make me profiles, I know that the avatar is 200x200, but background I have no idea. Try asking someone like reuben_tate or V-Ormix
UserNameGoesHere writes at 11:10:58pm on 3/22/12
Hehe thanks. :)