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13 years ago...
Posted on: February 16, 2020, at 07:37:11pm

I miss that sense of possibility and community of the old internet.

This site is a beautiful time capsule. I love our hideous avatars and siggies, and I love knowing how we spent so much time using cracked versions of Photoshop to create them. I love user profiles and "random thought" dumps that only exist so you can express yourself online. I love how sites had forums, how they were like a big open lot that only existed to see if something gets created in them. I love the games, memes, tournaments, friendships, drama that arose from that playground.

Now as an adult, and as a web developer, I keep looking back to this internet wishing it never advanced much further (although I am glad that the internet and myself are much less ignorant now!)

What's the future for these types of interactions? We've forgotten the possibilities in the midst of suffocating consumeristic social media sites. What would this look like for adults, who have limited time and energy, who no longer _need_ an online destination as an escape from their IRL one? How can we make the internet have a generative spirit again?

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