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joshua paul
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Location:Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
Last Activity:03-16-2020
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Gaming Region:USA - South Atlantic
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joshua paul's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
well first of all u might know me as joshua paul,Ilovekeys,Jpezzle,XxJpezzleXx,AM_Jpezzle i have alot of different names u will never know the real me......i wanna get in SKG but buddha will not let me beacause hes a punk but oh well i guess ill deal with it...=(
my interests are gh 1 2 and 3 FFR and other rythm games i love them cant get enough its almost as a good as pussy oh yea girls are interesting to me too so hit hit me up
Fav Music:
Rap,Sceamo,Rock i like all music whatever im in the mood 4
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someonebetter writes...
at 11:32:28pm on 9/22/11
you are scared baby remember how when i pulled you over and tryed to stick it in your ass you know you liked everything i do :P
typing like wat writes...
at 12:11:54pm on 10/26/10
Yea my b lol so wat have u been doing since ffr went down?
typing like wat writes...
at 7:17:52am on 10/24/10
I somewhat remember you b/c of ur profile pic, u used it on every alt u had lol but how ya been bro
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 1:36:46am on 10/24/10
Oh damn o.o nice lol
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 1:27:26am on 10/24/10
Sounds radd.
And uhh..hmm, not really sure lol. I kinda suck a bit more than I used to so I can't remember my best song yet >.>
what bout you?
joshua paul writes...
at 1:24:04am on 10/24/10
oh thats pretty tight mine was still goin tell the website shut down but i didnt start it speedometer did me and him was so amazing when we played each other it was always so close whats ur best fc
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 1:21:05am on 10/24/10
Silent Killers. I started it with a couple of friends awhile back..but it kinda died lol
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 12:37:40am on 10/24/10
Haha, np. Yea, I'm very happy the site is back
shelbyn writes...
at 8:22:30am on 10/22/10
Hey, play switchback heavy, it's not that hard, but i like it.
joshua paul writes...
at 8:08:40am on 12/3/09
this niggA seriously think im scAred hAhAhA XD thAts the funniest thing ive ever heArd what he fAiled to mention to yAll is thAt i whooped his Ass like 100 times AnywAys i fcd my first very challenging song/lvl 11 without mAshing i had 9 boos And like A 100 goods but oh well f**k the world cuz im on top of it or at leAst i feel like i Am by the wAy im tAkin ovA And fuck them FFR bitch niggas always talkin shit u feel me and shout out to all my friends love yall ^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^
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