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I am nice and sort of mean sometimes but only when I don't get wat i want. jk
I like to listen to music, talk with friends, and hang out with cuzins
Fav Music:
I like all kinds of music, mostly, rap, hip-hop, pop, merenge, and music that can get me dancin on the weekends
Fav Movies:
horror movies mostly.
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candycanez writes...
at 3:13:32pm on 12/25/06
Hey Happy Holidays! ♥
rustyred400 writes...
at 9:16:16am on 11/26/06
hot_brunette2xo writes...
at 6:16:40pm on 11/21/06
yeah thats cool. i added u. XD
rsanchezjr writes...
at 11:38:13am on 11/21/06
so is your face
bleeding_heart_13 writes...
at 11:33:33am on 11/21/06
Jenny! I'm about to cry!!! I have no clue what is wrong with me today!!!
OMG OMG OMG, did I tell you what Raquel told me that she did??? She told me that she asked 'him' again, and he told her that he would think about it!! And I was all happy, but now I am realy sad and all, but I really don't know why either! And it sucks!! I hope that he considers!! I love him! Jenny do you hear me???????
rsanchezjr writes...
at 11:31:23am on 11/21/06
sup Jenny? u r cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Synthlight writes...
at 11:42:25am on 10/27/06
First person to post on your wall.