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Sorry Guys...
Posted on: November 12, 2009, at 04:48:16pm

Hey guys... I'm calling it quits for good on this wonderful game. I had some highlights in this and its been lots of fun. I will still be on every now and then but I'm done playing competitively.

Edit: Oct. 26 2010 back in action!

  1. D=

  2. But you're at the .99 year mark, too...

  3. Ah, I remember when we both started playing. It was fun thinking how badly I wanted to beat you, and I thought I never could get pass your number of FCs...
    Well, good luck mate! Have fun doing more productive things in life than playing this game haha ;D

  4. Thanks guys, Fermble you were always my competition ha I stalked your scores to compare to mine and I was always trying to beat you.

  5. Back in action?! yeah right! ;D

  6. oh you just give me some time and ill be back in my game mode =)

  7. nooooo