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FFR Grandtotal Rank:495,910
FFR Grandtotal:6,724,530
FFR Games Played:221
Last Activity:01-02-2009
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Gaming Region:USA - New England
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Baka05Carl writes...
at 2:19:30pm on 5/5/08
earlymonarch writes...
at 4:30:47pm on 8/8/07
omg i use to have a poster of ur avatar lol!
vifs writes...
at 1:02:11pm on 8/7/07
cool profile
Crazy_hyper writes...
at 12:24:35pm on 8/3/07
Someone did something to my profile?!
HerInfernalMajestyx3 writes...
at 12:50:37pm on 8/2/07
lol.. so we both are ^__^

are you also azn_33?

HerInfernalMajestyx3 writes...
at 12:39:14pm on 8/2/07
lol, hi whats up, how are you?

hxmotofox88 writes...
at 1:20:53am on 7/31/07
no lol i'll still talk 2 u it's just that I haven't logged on in awhile lol
JLuvsUx3 writes...
at 1:56:53pm on 7/21/07
Exprezzionlez writes...
at 1:35:27pm on 7/21/07
for what?
Exprezzionlez writes...
at 1:32:42pm on 7/21/07
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