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hot hot hot but im not a mama im rich buti wish i was poor im traped in my home
singing dancing acting and boys
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i like all music exept country no affence to any one who dose
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mean girls friday 1 2 3 legally blond 1 2 meaeas family reunion madea gose to jail i can do bad by my self mad black woman madeas class reunion
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Posted on: January 4, 2007, at 12:14:33am   [0 comments]
......dont hug me if u dont like me
......dont clap when i sing if i sound bad
......dont kiss me when im mad at u
......dont nock me down the pick me back up
......dont judge me id u dont kno me
...... dont act like u kno me if u dont

haters hate on me
Posted on: January 4, 2007, at 12:10:06am   [0 comments]
i used to say dont hate on me
but it seems everyone hates anyway i cant help it if my mom has money i cant help it if my dad buys me babyphat rocawear and still gives me money i cant help it if im the only rich girl standing in the 4.00 and higher line or can i . i do wat i can to get by im just a 16 year old spoiled girl i cant help it just because u dont have the things i have dont put me down because i might fall but i will just get back up im so i use to say let me be but now i say haters hate on me!!!!!!!!!11

Posted on: December 26, 2006, at 02:24:00am   [0 comments]

Posted on: December 26, 2006, at 01:58:29am   [0 comments]

Posted on: November 24, 2006, at 03:45:55pm   [0 comments]
so go ahead and get going call up that trick and see if shes home oops i bet u thought that i didnt kno wat did u think i was puting u out fo because u is untrue rolling her around in tha car that i rented u boy drop them keys hurry up befor yo taxi leaves sitting on tha front portch telling me how im such a fool talkin bout ill never ever find a man like u ...........u got me twisted

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mrpreggers writes...
at 5:01:16pm on 8/2/13
starbucks is pretty cool
Charise123 writes...
at 6:18:15am on 7/5/07
i fucking love ur avatar....I LOVE STARBUCKS
beau_amour writes...
at 6:18:35pm on 6/16/07
omg i love starbucks
killerZRT writes...
at 4:44:59pm on 4/8/07
Happy Easter!
c-walker369 writes...
at 9:51:57pm on 3/24/07
hot mama wat it do
djayr_7295 writes...
at 9:45:00pm on 3/9/07
hey...long time no c
c-walker369 writes...
at 5:20:49pm on 3/4/07
hey hot mama wat up
djayr_7295 writes...
at 12:07:32pm on 2/25/07 wat's up?
djayr_7295 writes...
at 10:38:30am on 2/24/07
long time no c
spiff1 writes...
at 10:32:06am on 2/16/07
its late but same to you
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