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Hacked after 13 years lol
Posted on: November 2, 2020, at 11:43:52pm

Lost all my messages comments and friends but was able to save my old theme at least. Feels weird but super glad I was able to save my profile. Sorry for whoever had to see my awful old high school photos in the hack lol

  1. Relating to the shirt that says, "If you're hot, I'm single", this can be interpreted in many ways. Examples: (1.) "If I have a partner/significant other, then they'll leave me for another who may have equal or higher levels of hotness than me." (2.) The p/so is on the brink of death - their body temp is too high either due to the environment or from their own body (3.) The p/so is a hot food/drink, and u like consuming hot food/drinks. (4.) Ur a compound/collection of atoms, until ur bonds broke from the increased temp. This is quite a thought-provoking shirt. Very poggers.

  2. Lmao that was by far the cringiest shirt I ever wore.