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I'm a little shy around new classrooms. But i'm really friendly. New people i may get nervous around. Oh! i also like (more details in interests) school :P (school is username; first 2 words; second id the theme thingy majiggy; its ASWESOME :D especially the cafeteria set-up
Glacier Point has the theme (idk what its really called so hahahaha) of huskies :D i got gym first cause of heat spells. then science, then math, then language, then lunch (Alunch) then spanish, then history (those that have Blunch go to lunch AFTER 4th period THEN go to 5th period) then home :) early days at 1:05 full days at 2:20 or sumthin like that.
Fav Music:
My favorite music is Beat it, Thriller, The way you make me feel, and Bad (yeah they're all from Michael Jackson :P) Oh yeah, Smooth Criminal too :P
Fav Movies:
My fav movie is Twilight!!!! Bella is now a vampire in part 4 :P
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bluewolfgreenwolf writes...
at 6:52:52am on 8/6/13
hey sorry I have not been on but what up
bluewolfgreenwolf writes...
at 5:51:05pm on 4/18/13
hey do you have a xbox 360 on live
bluewolfgreenwolf writes...
at 3:38:56am on 1/2/13
hey I have not talk to u in a long time how u been
bluewolfgreenwolf writes...
at 4:52:26pm on 11/14/12
glacierpointhuskies writes...
at 11:32:31pm on 10/8/12
The new radio on the chat room rulez! I can finally listen to music without playing the game or opening a new tab! Yayyyyyyyy lol :)
I change my mind about Math, i like History more now x.x
bluewolfgreenwolf writes...
at 8:37:27pm on 8/22/12
that sucks that you lost your password
Random Thoughts writes...
at 8:35:34pm on 8/16/12
No problem =) sorry to hear about your account
glacierpointhuskies writes...
at 8:07:54pm on 8/16/12
I hate losing a account!! especially Fairywolf20!!!!! i lost everything: credits, fcs, and FRIENDS. I HATE YOU, PASSWORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Synthlight writes...
at 8:00:24pm on 8/16/12
First person to post on your wall.