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Im 11 (im a guy) im turnin' 12 on dec. 27th and i have never have an idea about what im doin'.......TEHE..LOL!! i hav a hatake kakashi curser for the computer!! ^.^ im a guru at ffr!!! my fav graff artists r B002_net, cyber-yard-barons, tigroove, liamslife, -opeo-one, luck, kope, staketwo, lumos( i think he is da best out of all off them), fews, barokfyi, and cecece (these people dont really do real graffiti)!!! lots of them!!! lol!! u can go on and see these poeples graffiti!!!
graffiti, dragons, killing myself on a skateboards, and my perfect long hair!! i forgot stewie griffin and naruto!! :)
Fav Music:
xtreme metal(every band of dem to be xact),punk, electric, sometimes techno, and IDM!! my fav song is thinking different by supergreen x, 3rd page in dance!! its awsome and fun!! lol!!
Fav Movies:
every anime one but my fave is spirited away ITS AWSOME!!!
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Posted on: February 21, 2007, at 07:50:35pm   [0 comments]

srry synth it werks!!
Posted on: December 6, 2006, at 04:16:54pm   [0 comments]

im so happy and so mad!!!
Posted on: November 25, 2006, at 07:31:21am   [0 comments]
the good newsis im not banned from multiplayer anymore but the bad news is i cant play multiplayer because of the "experiment&quo t; that synth is doing to multiplayer and i think that messed up the whole game!!! im sooooooooooooo mad(and happy!!lmao!!)!!

Posted on: November 23, 2006, at 01:30:40pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: November 16, 2006, at 06:31:27pm   [0 comments]
srry i wasnt online 4 a long time!!! i was crammed with a book report and a lot of homewerk!!

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orly101 writes...
at 11:47:40pm on 3/2/07
wtf banned?
jamesz writes...
at 8:09:09pm on 2/21/07
wanna a be graffit

its soooooooooooo ugly
kagome_908 writes...
at 6:47:53am on 2/16/07
your banned?aww
DJ_uNdErLiNg writes...
at 10:30:37am on 1/27/07
hey d00d. Random tagg!! <:3 )~~~
princess_sakura12 writes...
at 12:10:02am on 1/7/07
hmm.. i wonder if im older than you LOL ehhh... =P
Gaara2500 writes...
at 5:35:35pm on 12/29/06
kagome_908 writes...
at 4:19:28pm on 12/26/06
sweet!i got like 6 things that had to do with naruto lol
orly101 writes...
at 7:00:05am on 12/25/06
merry christmas(lolz my post from thanksgiving is still there)
FFRman247 writes...
at 8:23:37pm on 12/23/06
um sure
orly101 writes...
at 7:50:05am on 11/23/06
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