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Posted on: October 14, 2007, at 02:31:21am   [0 comments]

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S0ftball cutie writes...
at 5:52:00pm on 12/26/07
heyy wats up we should talk???
RB_Mapleleaf2102 writes...
at 9:04:12pm on 12/23/07
hey, I just made a new account and i could use some friends, wanna be one of them?
ejenniee writes...
at 4:39:23pm on 12/21/07
lol yep
im2good4anyone writes...
at 10:44:13am on 11/22/07
yo i havent been on for a mad long time its gay..... my new account is x.x_im2good4anyone we gotta play sumetime again so ill catch u later peace
SayakaSan writes...
at 11:43:38pm on 10/28/07
yes, i am a model
abbiemonGoesRaWr writes...
at 7:56:55pm on 10/28/07
lmao, awesome! :D
Pinoy/Pinay Power?! PPP! lawl, i just thoght of that, lol, im awesome. lol.
you have pretty hair, but the color is all like, inverted! ;O
TD_Pnai writes...
at 4:07:01pm on 10/28/07
filipino ako. :)
TD_Pnai writes...
at 4:04:23pm on 10/28/07
filipino ako. :)
orlando2k7 writes...
at 2:59:15am on 10/28/07
orlando2k7 writes...
at 2:54:32am on 10/28/07
neither hahah
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