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ABOUT ME: If you know me, you know me, if you don't, then you probably won't know me. Large carbohydrates are fun to drink. Inevitably, its not fun to fart. Kindly refrain from drinking such since in my opinion it brings no benefits. Escalators are slow, it should be faster. And Not being random, is what I do. Molecules, Electrons, they are really small stuff, but somewhere out there, something may be smaller. Figure out the real ABOUT ME. Tip: May help if only Capital Letters are seen.
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Is this really necessary?
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chrysler writes at 8:23:08pm on 4/24/12
hey man howz it goin?? long time no talk?? XD
TBM18 writes at 10:32:34am on 8/17/11
Yeah, I understand, but sometimes you don't seem normal for giving "normal answers".
TBM18 writes at 12:40:53pm on 8/15/11
That's what I'm trying to figure out. ;-; What stuff runs?
TBM18 writes at 8:16:59pm on 8/14/11
What chase is there to be had?
chrysler writes at 5:34:53pm on 8/14/11
i live in the us, but i wanna visit the philippines fro my next vacation
chrysler writes at 3:20:39am on 8/14/11
okay, i need to get used to the heat and have a lot of water. XD
chrysler writes at 11:15:29pm on 8/13/11
i need to get used to the hot weather
chrysler writes at 1:39:31pm on 8/12/11
that's rough, so what do you do on those type of days?? the hot days?
chrysler writes at 10:48:57am on 8/11/11
oh cool, but its still hot though right?? or its all cold and cloudy now??
chrysler writes at 11:55:44am on 8/10/11
its okay, so how's your summer goin so far??