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Sudden Realization
Posted on: January 26, 2014, at 04:46:11pm

I've come to a realization...NEVER play pop or love songs at parties because we already hear them way too much on the radio, and some of them are very emotional and can make the party more emotional than it could be otherwise.

  1. pop songs make the best dumps

  2. Play heavy metal at parties.

  3. XD That'd be fun, but I'd probably play jazz songs. :)

  4. Plot twist: Jazz infused heavy metal songs!

  5. That'd be nice in theory, but honestly no one would hear what anyone else was saying, so it might as well be a heavy metal concert. LOL

  6. I'm sorry, now that I look back on this post, it looks very condescending to both you, Bluearrowll, and heavy metal. Although I don't personally like heavy metal, I respect that other people like this genre of music. :)

  7. Hello, this is drizzleRomanceGirl.

  8. Oh the dreaded random thought post on someone else's wall - I write something and then check back on it.. half a month later lol. drizzleRomanceGirl it really depends on the band / subgenre but that's a whole discussion in itself that can't fit into this random thought. If there's a particular instrument you like or style I could probably find something for you; if you're interested message me on my wall or something so I reply faster than a month. xD

  9. Thank you, but I probably wouldn't play pop or love songs if I threw a party in the future. I appreciate the offer though! :)

  10. But I go to parties expecting someone to suddenly breakdown all over the dancefloor cause she really though the my chemical romance song touched her.

  11. Aww, that sounds really sweet. :)
    I hope I go to a party where someone is touched by a song played at the party. ^.^

  12. Actually I already realized that a few years ago.