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Ninth Official Tournament Results
Posted on: November 15, 2013, at 06:56:35pm

I had a lot of fun in this tournament! :) It was exciting watching everyone's progress and watching the tournament thread. Despite getting more goods in rounds 2 and 3, I think that each round for Division 4 was progressively easier. In any case, I was eliminated in Round 3 of Division 4, and I had a blast! I hope everyone does well in the tournament! ^.^

  1. aw, good game!

  2. Good game! ^.^ It was a lot of fun competing with you. :)

  3. i hope to compete with you in the next tournament :) t'was fun.

  4. I hope to compete with you next time too! :) I also had a lot of fun. ^.^

  5. I'm surprised that I beat you :3
    Anyway I didn't expect to do anything amazing in this tourney lol. I hated that 4 minute file >:/

  6. Yeah, nice job in the tournament; I had a lot of fun competing with you! :) In my opinion, as long as we had fun, I think that's all that counts. ^.^