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Posted on: December 10, 2010, at 10:33:46pm   [0 comments]
I suppose I understand why the Simfile Warehouse was taken down (ultimately more trouble than it was worth for the people who run the servers). Unfortunately, that means that I have no other site to upload my simfiles to. If anyone is interested in my new steps, just send me a comment on my profile page.

Comment wall
whatknife writes...
at 5:29:25pm on 12/8/09
If you're still making songs, can I request Ventana? They're a good metal band. But if it's too heavy for Stepmania, maybe you can try the Beatles' Help. Judjing by my version's downloads, it a big ticket song. In return, you can request something on my wall. I've been active a long time!
Shebeafurrygirl writes...
at 1:09:46am on 11/30/09
Hey, thanks for the add! You have good taste in music, i must say
AquaTeen writes...
at 11:08:28am on 7/5/09
I have so many favorite lines from him but my fave of all time is "I'm gonna have to turn my back on you." "May that be a lesson to you."
_Yuuko_ writes...
at 12:47:58am on 6/25/09
i'm fine ^^
just woke up xD
i think yuur are now sleeping?
but if u read this then u already woke up xD
_Yuuko_ writes...
at 2:44:32pm on 6/24/09
Hii! Tnx for add ^^
So how are u?
mortdwort writes...
at 5:25:31pm on 11/23/08
Dang man, you comment on some of my favorite songs, plus you have stepped a couple of them to!
3GB writes...
at 3:30:56pm on 7/8/08
how do you make a simfile?
i've been meaning to make for a remix of mine.
DancingHedgehog writes...
at 3:34:05am on 8/11/07
New blast from my past! FROTHY DAWG: a Cartoon... That never made it
soccer345 writes...
at 6:02:51pm on 6/4/07
wow....i posted that a LONG ass fucking time ago, but w/e
domaug writes...
at 3:56:13pm on 6/4/07
sure i guess i could give u some tips soccer345
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