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I love FFR :))
Posted on: February 13, 2019, at 12:40:32am

I love FFR so much. I can't start this thought any better because it's what's truly on my mind right now. I have been really loving Osu! mania as well... but coming back to FFR, I realized just how amazing n beautiful n simple n perfect this game is. I just love how you can hit notes exactly when they come into the hitbox and how so many amazing people on here like icyworld and SKG_Scintill and hi19hi19 and so many others make some beautiful files that contain the most intricate and well thought out patterns that just feel amazing when you fingers come into and out of certain patterns. I really have such a passion and respect for this game and I had wished I was more involved in it sooner but I am most certainly becoming a stronger influence to others and the newcomers that I see come on here who need help understanding the game. Thanks once again, for all your support and to everyone who makes FFR the best place in the world ^-^ cheers to you n cheers to all !