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I am a girl, (Charlie is the best cat in the world!)and I have blonde hair
cats, Charlie, art, ect.
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10th Kingdom, The Hiding Place, Love comes Softly, Love's enduring Promise, Princes's Bride, & others
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To clear things up...
Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 03:39:26pm   [1 comment]
I get a lot of questions why my name is charlie_boy44, well...

I am a GIRL, and since I say that, you may think that Charlie is my boyfriend, well, no, charlie is my cat's name, and if you know me, I love cats, especially Charlie, who btw, is the 2nd best cat in the world... Annie, is the 1st...*sniff sniff**suddenly uncontrollably starts to cry**quickly get ahold of self*If you want to know about Annie and what that was about, just ask, okay?? And (not to brag or anything) I am the world biggest cat lover!!! Ending thought....

Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 03:33:44pm   [0 comments]


Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 03:30:51pm   [0 comments]
Okay, sorry about the random thought below, I dunno what happened, I just couldn't type correctly...anyway.. .the title of it was supposed to be..."I keep making mistakes and I don't want to go back and erase them because I'm lazy and I just don't want to...Is there not a problem here?????" Oh yeah...and to and to answer a question you probably have, I wrote the Title AFTER I wrote the post...

now have a nice ning... or w/e it is you're going to have...w/e.

I keep making mistakes and I don't want to go back
Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 03:26:03pm   [0 comments]
Okat...oopsie,I mean, Opay, GRRRRRRR... what I really mean to say is... Olay...*sigh*, never mind, Okay...YES!!! i FINAKKY GOT IY!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR... *steam blowing form ears and face turning bright red*... I'm...Ojay...Aaaggg ggghhhh!!!

He..he...I'm kinda...HYPER!!!!
Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 03:18:14pm   [0 comments]
Hi! I know that no one is here... so I'll talk to myself. Whoa... Did you know that Chicken Noodle Soup tastes like...CHICKEN!!!
hehehehehehehehe hehe...w/e c u soon or l8r or maybe depending on who reads this, maybe not at all... hmmmmm..... so much to talk about, and so lil' room...
ah-ha!!!!"B ling bling" Idea light goes on...I'll see how much I can write...well, not really...w/e here I go...

Hi My name is charlie_boy44, I'm blode and a super klutz, I wont tell anything else, 'cause that's stupid and dagerous...there could be mosters...Darn I mean...DARN!!! let me continue....

...there could me mosters snooping around trying to eat me!! EEEEEEEKKKK!!! Not really, but...HEY!?!?w/e, have you noticed?, I really like DARN!!!!
sorry 'bout that... continue....

I really like typing...w/e, you do know what that stands for, right? Oh course you do!!*chuckles* You do, right???? w/e=WHATEVAH!!!!Bye.

Comment wall
kiki124 writes...
at 9:35:45am on 12/23/06
nice pics there so CUTE
lightspeed writes...
at 3:50:02pm on 11/5/06
: さい。もしそ な話が来たら 場当たり的に モゴモゴ考え り ADD ME
JaiJai_ writes...
at 3:44:36pm on 11/5/06
lol lol. =P
JaiJai_ writes...
at 3:43:47pm on 11/5/06
hey. cute pic. add me?
violingeek writes...
at 5:50:49pm on 8/7/06
Happy Birthday Early!!!

It's too bad that you aren't coming here anymore. I was looking forward to it. I even redid my room.

What are you top three fav. colors? Don't ask why.

Thanks and have a good one!!!!

violingeek writes...
at 9:43:35pm on 8/1/06
Yeah I can guess who you are, You're my fav cousin, that's who.
i_love_my_cats writes...
at 4:22:31pm on 8/1/06
hey Charlie! Thanks for the nice things you said! bye!
bub377 writes...
at 1:34:56pm on 7/30/06
Hey there
charlie_boy44 writes...
at 5:27:22pm on 7/29/06
HI Myself!
Synthlight writes...
at 4:43:05pm on 7/29/06
First person to post on your wall.