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stepmania moratorium
Posted on: April 9, 2008, at 12:25:33pm

--- GOD TIER ---
jammin: i love this file so much the very end is so smart and funny man i rule lol
mei: jumpstream ftw
never say: there are only a couple of things i would do differently now. otherwise this chart is a rly good approximation to what goes on in my head when i listen to this song
starlight: it breaks my heart how long some of the freezes are but this file owns
starship.6: easily my best file

--- meh TIER ---
carpet muncher: a lot of its cool as hell but there some bad patterns and some wishywashyness in the last 8 measures
electro rush x8: this is a really cool AAA file and i like it a lot
jammin speedy mix: i remember getting home from school one night and thinking man i wonder what it would sound like if i sped up jammin by a lot and replaced all the instruments with the magical 8bit vst
lawn wake xi: man i hope im the one that came up with the 3/32nd jack at the end that owns
opening & title: cutest file ever??????
gravitronic: i wish i still had my final version of this because it owned. the file in icyworlds pack is okay but i evidently i worked a lot more on it after sending it to him
make me your own: i wouldn't have this song stepped any other way
rain: the trills part sucks and i should have thought harder about it. also some of the patterns in the climax are too hard
rato: just plain cool but standard

--- SHIT TIER ---
aztec templing: stupid
eclipse (solar): ugh
dream to nightmare: i think i stepped thi sbecause i wanted to mkae the odipack2 ost joke and tsuka is a faggot so i restepped his file owned bitch
exam cram heavy: offsync as heck, obviously rush job. horribly jarring transitions between sections
exam cram edit: way better than heavy except for the jacks but im just bad at jacks. the file still blows though
milky blue: so freaking boring and bad patterns and predictable fuck
one more lovely: kind of funny ending
panic racer 005: in addition to the above i would like to add that trills are stupid and gay
ran: some cool ideas but this looks really unpolished and gross 5 years later
riddle: sort of cool patterns given the rhythms but i really had no concept of right-left balance or how to avoid repetition
the hidden answer: lol
vatstep dsp: god fuck that long trill im such an asshole
your quest is over: lol

magical 8bit tour: this file sucks and is gay but im glad people played it in 2006 so that i could get a semblance of stepmania simfile download tenure on odi and become the man befor eyou today
prophetess standard: there are no words

  1. carpet muncher cutest(2nd) file ever???????????

  2. !bomb grass

  3. god tier:
    bw ghost
    breakin it down
    since 1983

  4. you are right cetaka starship.6 is your best file

  5. well yeah including and after starship.6 i unlocked the true stepmania autism that drove me to spend 100+ hours playtesting each chart for weeks so every chart was both perfect and probably incomprehensible to everyone else