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I think borntoRUN is....
Posted on: March 13, 2011, at 05:09:08pm

Finish the sentence.

  1. a cool cat.
    and cute.

  2. jealous of my cool concerts i go too lol

  3. Someone familiar. :P

  4. Ontarian like me and bluearrow

  5. not the Pavi XD


  7. 12

  8. 12?

  9. gorgeous (:

  10. awesome cool cute fun to talk to

  11. Awesome and cute

  12. Going to get a nose job, because she needs one!

  13. Btw I was just kiddin... Don't take it offensively I actually think you're really pretty:)

  14. soon to change the world

  15. going to be my next best friend!

  16. slut

  17. A best friend to many and hated by none!

  18. amazingly gorgeous