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Posted on: November 1, 2014, at 02:19:52pm   [2 comments]
the good ol days.
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Lucmarceau writes at 8:22:20am on 7/13/19
Lucmarceau writes at 5:00:42am on 7/13/16
badman7772 writes at 1:35:55pm on 5/9/16
mrxdolliee writes at 8:23:34pm on 2/24/15
Did you also decide to just pop back up here like I did? lol
Past_timemachine writes at 7:40:07pm on 2/14/15
Long time no see
Lenomzz writes at 12:02:46pm on 1/18/15
thats pretty funny lol, I started doing that recently when i'm bored too. Nah, that account has no attachment to me whatsoever haha.
You need to text me, we definitely need to catch up. (still envious you live in Vegas D:)
Lenomzz writes at 4:58:00pm on 1/13/15
I missed you too! I've never ffr'd, how do i ffr?
how have you been? what are the odds you sign on like the day after i comment xD
Lenomzz writes at 1:43:30pm on 1/11/15
Hey you :]
headphones9 writes at 7:52:52pm on 8/22/14
Dude. i've missed you. i can't believe you found me again haha <3