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Reynald writes...
at 5:58:36pm on 10/19/07
FFR4EVA_00 writes...
at 2:07:24pm on 9/24/07
sex_is_gross writes...
at 8:24:39pm on 9/10/07
ok byebye
sex_is_gross writes...
at 8:24:11pm on 9/10/07
heheh ima older than u

ima 15
bobluver writes...
at 8:19:42pm on 9/10/07
yea im 14
sex_is_gross writes...
at 8:17:45pm on 9/10/07
aww r u gonna be ok??

how old r u btw?
sex_is_gross writes...
at 8:14:59pm on 9/10/07
hehe r u ok ?
MCR rules dude writes...
at 8:14:27pm on 9/10/07
u deserve it
sex_is_gross writes...
at 8:11:24pm on 9/10/07
yeah he just told me his gf dumped him
sex_is_gross writes...
at 8:06:40pm on 9/10/07
Doin ok... i guess

idk wut to talk about
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