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MCR rocks
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FFR Grandtotal:1,415,320
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Gaming Region:USA - South Atlantic
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MCR rocks's Gameplay Stats Today
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ilikunicorns2 writes...
at 3:08:30pm on 8/19/08
nice profile... :D lik the pic
Cocoa_Puffs_Princess writes...
at 11:00:55pm on 10/12/07
Also i just love each ones personality. Gerard and frank for sexiness? both are equal.^_^
Cocoa_Puffs_Princess writes...
at 11:00:11pm on 10/12/07
Hell yeah! I know every song from all 4 albums (that's including Life On The Murder Scene).
Cocoa_Puffs_Princess writes...
at 4:15:55pm on 10/10/07
Salem_Rotaru writes...
at 8:47:39pm on 10/5/07
take it you're a Frankie person? lol meh loves MCR
jada girl 818 writes...
at 7:14:46pm on 9/17/07
oh yea and sorry i havent been here in a while i got a bebo page so ive been busy ttyl.
jada girl 818 writes...
at 7:11:53pm on 9/17/07
u really like frank don't u?
MCR rules dude writes...
at 5:53:49pm on 9/15/07
BAMgirl711 writes...
at 3:22:15pm on 9/12/07
mcr roks
BAMgirl711 writes...
at 3:21:51pm on 9/12/07
wuts up
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