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I guess I should post my sims here, since I get a
Posted on: November 13, 2012, at 07:01:40pm

Here's my minipack. Consist of
White and Nerdy- Weird Al
Crash- M1dy
Blue (rave mix)- Corn and beans
Syndrome Craze- I don't know. :(
[Link dead, will reupload if you pm/comment me]

Gangnam style ft. Hyuna

Ice cream- Borgore (jackfest)

I have quite a few in production. I'll keep you posted.

all of them

  1. So I just realized that I have your Starwolf file... or more specifically, I've HAD your Starwolf file for the longest time... and I love it. I think I downloaded it from the FFR Simfile Database when that still existed. Just thought that was pretty cool lol

  2. That's awesome. Thanks man! I can reup it if you want. That link for the minipack is down. :( Let me know.