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Y U THINK I'M A CREEP? Smiley faces make me sad. Oh, my name is Jare.
Eating little baby kittens with goat milk while poking smot. No, no you can't join me.
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talkative1 writes...
at 1:20:57pm on 2/6/11
Ahaha thought you would like it. ;D Seemed right up your alley. :]
And oh lol! Charlie's just a nickname my dad gave me a while back. :D I'm a major procrastinator so my dad calls me a "Last Minute Charlie". I liked the name Charlie, so it just kinda stuck.
And plus, you can't really shorten the name Rose on it's own lawls.
And I see you like poking smot! :O I love smot! :D I eat it by the bowlfuls!
lime-lemon-orange writes...
at 9:29:33pm on 1/31/11
Penis avec jizz. 8====D~~
Xristallixed writes...
at 4:33:37pm on 1/21/11
Xristallixed writes...
at 4:33:01pm on 1/21/11
I dun get it.
ShadowMist writes...
at 5:22:33am on 1/18/11
Pretty good! :D Just busy busy busy. :c
Have assignments due and stuffies.
Annnd my leg hurts. >.>
bite me please writes...
at 6:26:54pm on 1/2/11
blah-blahGAMES writes...
at 1:38:42pm on 12/21/10
Yes, comments get deleted. Now go make me a sandwich you female.
Synthlight writes...
at 10:50:38pm on 1/16/09
First person to post on your wall.