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bay bee
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Location:salinas, California, USA
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About me:
hey well im 15 years old nd im still lookin 4 a man if yooh guys r out there i need a boyfriend....well alot of guys say i have a great personality but watever so its like ya right now im single looking 4 a good guy SO GUYS OUT THERE IM FREE.....if yooh want me well im known as a really nice gurl at my skool but some times i cood be mean but thts jus me so theres a little bit bout me i go 2 north high skool
im intrested in a lot of things boys of course they shood no tht.....
Fav Music:
my music is hiphop rap nd r&b
Fav Movies:
MY FAVORITE MOVIE IS THE OUT SIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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guys will tell u
Posted on: February 10, 2008, at 10:10:48pm   [0 comments]
i love you i will call you see you 2 marrow i promise i will be there lets go out lets hug lets kizz lets make love i will pic u up i will drop u off i will take u 2 my pad lets go 2 ur pad im not cheating on u we should see other people we should have some space we should take a break last but not least ITS OVER BETWEEN US 2

4 get him
Posted on: February 9, 2008, at 11:46:05pm   [0 comments]
4 get his name 4 get his kisses nd embrace 4 get the love that u once shared 4 get that u once cared remember how there some 1 new 4 get that u once new 4 get that he played ur song 4 get u cried all night nd allnight long 4 get that night that u once shared 4 get that he told that he cared just 4 get that the things he's done

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rhythmandpopo writes...
at 3:06:45pm on 12/7/11
good look on the add, play on and stay up
JustusReyes writes...
at 4:22:46am on 1/24/11
hollowfire36 writes...
at 9:48:58pm on 12/13/09
Lol give me your email so i can add you
JikininkiFace writes...
at 8:20:54am on 11/23/09
The Outsiders is a great movie...i loved it
JikininkiFace writes...
at 8:19:00am on 11/23/09
Cute avatar pic
btw, nice profile
CallMeVez writes...
at 6:44:13pm on 9/8/09
hahah thanks? laaaate response but i dont play alot anymore
darkness87 writes...
at 4:18:17pm on 8/12/09
hey whats up?
abyss05 writes...
at 6:13:45pm on 7/29/09
diggin the body girl?
abyss05 writes...
at 12:56:56pm on 7/28/09
what uppp
ZainyLee writes...
at 11:26:28am on 7/24/09
Thanks for the add/pic comment!
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