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"Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools are on the same side."
speedcubing, LoL, Photography, drawing, footbag, puzzles, origami, web development, digital animation, violin, gumdo
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Inception, equilibrium, the prestige, the fifth element, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, serenity, seven pounds, spaceballs, Monty Python, Ninja Assassin, Tron, Star Wars
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Random Thoughts
WTF was I thinking?
Posted on: July 20, 2012, at 01:23:29am   [0 comments]
Did I mention I absolutely hate my username? Can I go back in time 6.78 years and knee myself in the face?...Please?

Ode to Motivation
Posted on: October 31, 2011, at 08:03:40pm   [2 comments]
Current workload: 95%
Today's motivation level: 0
Total cookies eaten: ~12
Total Doctor Who episodes watched: 5
Rubik's cube 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 practice solves: ~100
Guesstimated work progression: .01%
Workload balance: 94.99%
Tomorrow's projected motivation level: -10

Posted on: July 21, 2008, at 12:44:19am   [2 comments]
reached 3 billion total
overall rank: 1100 again..
Regional Rank: 44

Comment wall
Hijinks11 writes...
at 7:41:16am on 7/25/14
Looks like it's still going to me.
iironiic writes...
at 10:34:38am on 9/7/11
Definitely! :] It's a rainy day today so I won't be taking "great" pictures since rainy days are usually grey and depressing haha, but I will make sure to take some pictures and show you one day! X]
iironiic writes...
at 8:53:08pm on 9/5/11
Electric guitars are very nice! I agree with that too. I wished I played the piano first and continued with it. I tried the violin and it's a difficult instrument haha! How long have you practice photography? Do you have any pictures that you have taken? I should try photography sometimes because I remembered when I was a little kid, I was really obsessed with my camera haha!
iironiic writes...
at 1:14:47pm on 9/5/11
That's true :P Do you play any instruments?
iironiic writes...
at 11:49:33am on 9/4/11
Yes I do! I'm not the best at the violin though hahaha x] I wish I was good with photography too hahaha!
iironiic writes...
at 7:58:21am on 9/4/11
Thanks for the vote! :] Do you like photography? :]
stev019 writes...
at 2:33:40pm on 3/6/11
I thought it was gone forever, too. I tried it again on Christmas Eve and was pleasantly surprised.
I'm doing okay. FFR lags on this computer though, so I haven't been playing much.
stev019 writes...
at 10:47:23am on 3/6/11
Hey, you're still on FFR! Hi there =D
Hijinks11 writes...
at 12:33:37am on 3/2/11
Well I don't, cuz someone pointed out I was at 6666
Hijinks11 writes...
at 2:23:58pm on 3/1/11
I landed on straight 6's so I can't ever play again.
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