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XxNewson1234xX writes...
at 4:49:06am on 6/15/21
I assume we’re still using my time, in which case yeah, 7pm works for me
XxNewson1234xX writes...
at 9:07:21am on 6/14/21
I can do 4pm BST or later for Wednesday
rayword45 writes...
at 7:19:08am on 6/12/21
Going to lucky strike Fenway tn if you wanna play some Pump
rayword45 writes...
at 11:10:17am on 6/9/21
I can probably do as early as 1:30 actually, thanks to first day of work being really weird.
rayword45 writes...
at 10:50:30am on 6/9/21
Lets go for 230-3 or after 730
rayword45 writes...
at 10:18:19pm on 6/8/21
What time Wednesday works lmao
kmay writes...
at 11:48:53am on 6/5/21
hey I'm trying to find that pack with the Aqua song halloween where its like a super dump chart but I can't seem to find it... I think they also didn't name it halloween. do you rememeber the file at all?
rayword45 writes...
at 10:38:48am on 6/3/21
Ah fuck I thought you meant to start going back to D&B again lmao. I'm not sure about my times for that just yet, starting working an internship this Monday
rayword45 writes...
at 3:18:51am on 6/3/21
And this Sunday is a rare one where I can get to Braintree station faster
rayword45 writes...
at 2:45:37am on 6/3/21
Also we should totally hit up one of Sigmas events, one is July 2-5
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