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My name is Brian, I'm 13, in grade 9, very uninteresting guy, O and I love comedy.
Comedie,cadets, music, sports, biking or roller blading dosent bother me.
Fav Music:
Anything really I enjoy all music My fave being Techno and least fave being Rap.
Fav Movies:
Action or Comedy movies.
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Mapleleaf2102 writes...
at 7:51:03am on 9/15/07
happy b-day!!!
Fading.Whisper writes...
at 7:43:20pm on 9/11/07
You need more tokens, and I was going to AAA the song for you but, you were at Josh's.
Fading.Whisper writes...
at 2:20:47pm on 9/11/07
Hey, dud let's hang.
jamerjamer12 writes...
at 7:47:30pm on 9/10/07
haha, I have Skill tokens, I got them myself, Sean Didn't help, And I all of a sudden got good grammar
Fading.Whisper writes...
at 6:08:22am on 9/10/07
Dude if you get an AAA' on trip to the moon it won't count right now, someone hacked scores, and Go to school only FFR Addicts play in the morning
Fading.Whisper writes...
at 11:23:53pm on 9/8/07
It's by your profiel thinger, I'll call on you tomorrow k?
Fading.Whisper writes...
at 11:17:10pm on 9/8/07
Go to bed, only addicts play this late to get AAA's no hints, wink wink***
argo15 writes...
at 10:58:50pm on 9/8/07
I don't need you and i'm retired from ffr
andreaguillen writes...
at 10:38:42pm on 9/8/07
um no thanks nice pro
Fading.Whisper writes...
at 5:35:17pm on 9/7/07
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