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22yrs old. I'm attending college for Civil Engineering.
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Metal, old school rap.
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Pan's Labyrinth.
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Posted on: April 8, 2014, at 01:02:47am   [1 comment]
my profile was last updated when I was 18, now I'm 21 and re-finding this is pretty cool
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rummikook writes at 1:26:01pm on 6/14/17
lol hi whaddup
stev019 writes at 10:34:28am on 6/20/11
I love your banner XD
RMSProwler writes at 10:26:25am on 10/10/09
my profile is so much better than yours
[Qc]TheDevils666 writes at 6:56:59pm on 10/6/07
thx for your vote
honeylova87 writes at 4:55:29am on 10/5/07
hey hun, yea it has been awhile, how are you doing with ffr skillz? writes at 7:36:46pm on 10/4/07
we need to play again sometime :(
DEMONLORD_DANTE writes at 7:21:15pm on 10/3/07
lol ya spire's the rok guy
DEMONLORD_DANTE writes at 5:21:40pm on 10/2/07
lol trace he's alright but spire pwns =]
DEMONLORD_DANTE writes at 8:20:24pm on 10/1/07
lol ya sylux is awsm but im gettin into spire now =]
sunnybend writes at 9:01:46pm on 9/30/07
no problem ^_^