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twilightsparcle writes at 3:12:40pm on 10/1/13
Hey vinyl
Trixie Lulamoon writes at 11:32:42pm on 8/8/13
Hello Vinyl Scratch
bluewolfgreenwolf writes at 11:49:18pm on 8/6/13
Fluvs writes at 4:32:49pm on 8/6/13
No it is not I have one for myself
Fluvs writes at 3:53:46pm on 8/6/13
Nice Vinyle Scratch I remember having a profile of her I still have it in my folder xD
thaecrasis writes at 1:11:23pm on 8/5/13
Oh hey there Vinyl Scratch! /)
If you want to request friends from lots of bronies on here, just check out my friend list- I have over 75 bronies there :D
thedarkknightrising writes at 11:25:12pm on 8/4/13
nvm...wrong person...sorry ;-; but haii
thedarkknightrising writes at 11:23:01pm on 8/4/13
Heyyyy, this is narinnn.and omg, you play FFR too. :OOOOOOO
SethColeman writes at 6:25:57pm on 5/31/13
Salutations! (Here's your first post from a real person)