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im energetic at a givin time can be fun to be around dont check your closet >.>wahahahaha^.^ oh yes and when your in multi player dont brag or comlain about your life by brodcasting it the entire time your on mp ummm.....thats it peace
i love playing the gutar ,my puppies ,my moto,Durarara!!
Fav Music:
usher,chris brown,bring me the horizon,lil wayne,flo rida,Your Favorite Martian,mike posner,BRUNO MARS,Scary kids Scaring.
Fav Movies:
ladies man whinnie the pooh saw1-4,incidiuos,haunting of conneticut,forest gump.
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XFreestyleX writes...
at 9:29:18am on 7/10/11
yo bfor i go Bring Me The Horizon Diamonds Arent Forever (uncensored)
XFreestyleX writes...
at 8:58:28pm on 7/9/11
yo ppl goig on vacationg gunna b bak in a week LATERZZZZZ
Sidek writes...
at 10:54:57am on 6/30/11
nice avatar :D
wutevafudude writes...
at 11:07:44pm on 6/29/11
hey whats up?
XFreestyleX writes...
at 6:41:39pm on 6/23/11
wingluver2012 writes...
at 6:40:57pm on 6/23/11
hey free
Synthlight writes...
at 4:08:01pm on 6/21/11
First person to post on your wall.