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Wraith of Embercross
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FFR Rank:27,386
FFR Average Rank:17,419
FFR Grandtotal Rank:16,354
FFR Grandtotal:582,546,290
FFR Games Played:1,549
Location:Virginia, USA
Last Activity:06-17-2008
Member for: 14.08 years
Gaming Region:USA - New England
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Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 1:00:38am on 9/13/08
sweet avi
zoogarama writes...
at 2:34:57pm on 11/22/07
omg happy thanksgiving!
flow_flow writes...
at 1:08:38pm on 9/1/07
vote for me!!!

zoogarama writes...
at 2:39:54am on 8/5/07
*waits for you to come home and actually put me back onto your friends list*
zoogarama writes...
at 12:24:19am on 7/13/07
Like what I did to my profile???? :D
tofurox writes...
at 12:27:32am on 7/3/07
Vote 4 Me cause, well, I did it for you!
zoogarama writes...
at 7:44:31pm on 6/12/07
zoogarama writes...
at 3:39:23pm on 6/12/07
Aw I don't do it ALL the time. Besides you're getting a lot better so I know pretty soon you'll be giving me a run for my money. ^_^
zoogarama writes...
at 7:35:32pm on 4/21/07
I keep on getting comments form people saying they like my new avatar, what do YOU think? heh heh
zoogarama writes...
at 5:21:44pm on 4/16/07
2nd to post!!! Wow, 51 songs played in 3 days...your obsessed and once again with something I brought upon you...*happy dance*
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