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Popmeister writes...
at 1:04:42am on 6/17/08
Doooooooooooooooooood, HOLU!!! How's it going, man?
Scream0 writes...
at 7:24:48pm on 6/12/08
LMAO idiot. Sprite- told you to cut your shit, what'd you do? You told me to go suck a cock after you WERE WARNED.
Enjoy, your 1 week ban.
passivegirl writes...
at 9:59:50pm on 6/9/08
Popmeister writes...
at 8:50:19pm on 6/3/08
LMAO, I think I broke my internet. It's all slow now. It sucks. But I WILL play you again sometime! I can't let go of the best MP gamer EVER. And I'll watch out for VSnares. Your zen's some dangerous shit, man. Fer sureeeee. XD
Tcjunior18 writes...
at 3:15:45am on 2/25/08
Thanks for playing me G and i will watch some of ya vids!!!
TSB_masterofevil writes...
at 8:45:27pm on 2/20/08
Hey dude nice profile. Hope to play u again sometime soon. GGS!!!!!!!!
RB_Quackies writes...
at 7:04:24pm on 2/13/08
18/f/ma NUB. C:
Illyushinist writes...
at 12:41:41am on 2/1/08
Shit, man, I decided to watch a few of your replays before I left, and damn, you got a lot of skills. :p Was fun playing, like I said.
Someday, I'll get as good as you, and beat you! :P
Windscarredfaith writes...
at 1:43:27pm on 12/24/07
HoLu!! Great times in MP as always! Happy Holidays! <3
Phynx writes...
at 5:11:10am on 10/22/07
You lvl 20 stealing bastard. Lol, good games tonight. We'll have to play again sometime. Peace out bro.
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