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Haha um names Tony? Just ask if you wanna know me =/
DDR, ITG off the bat =p Music (theory and composition not faggot shit like an inspiring guitarist that couldn't write an arch map of his/her favorite song to save their lives" Working out Studying =)
Fav Music:
Classical Rave Mariachi Motown Oldies from rock to heavier
Fav Movies:
eh too lazy to put them but i liked Prometheus...
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CrayonChaos writes at 12:34:06pm on 10/14/12
Hey, how are you doing today? :3
dragddr50 writes at 7:15:12am on 7/24/12
hey tony, its me mauri lol :D
sikavonangel writes at 5:12:18pm on 7/19/12
Lol its cool :) I'm on vacation then I'm off to college and getting a job. My mom was like enjoy this last free summer I was like ok. :)
hher writes at 9:21:18pm on 7/15/12
sikavonangel writes at 8:47:12pm on 7/15/12
It's ok I understand Spanish...most of it. I don't speak it though. But I'm visiting my godmother. Maybe you can help me with my Spanish.
sikavonangel writes at 8:40:06pm on 7/15/12
Brb watching a movie
sikavonangel writes at 8:39:16pm on 7/15/12
Went to sea world and the Alamo. Just sight seeing. I'm in Killeen texas right now gonna go home next week. So what's up?
sikavonangel writes at 8:34:13pm on 7/15/12
Lol I was in San Antonio last week. Anyway hi. :)