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i play league of legends and magic the has been years since i was last on lol I'm also attending college for gaming production
anime,gaming,chicken wings
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jnw05 writes at 4:54:52am on 1/23/20
Hi! Nice to meet you. You haven't been online since 2018, so I hope you're okay! Have a wonderful 2020.
Kiyoshi_Okazaki-San writes at 9:49:03pm on 6/28/14
Lol, I added you cause we have some stuff in common~
I know bit of piano, love anime, play league, and MtG, so yeah~
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 4:15:48pm on 5/3/12
yeah... im stealing this background. kthxbai <3
sasuke.uchiha writes at 9:12:28pm on 8/13/11
i'm great .
sasuke.uchiha writes at 6:58:34pm on 8/12/11
how are you ?
sasuke.uchiha writes at 10:53:28pm on 8/11/11
Brandon Negron writes at 2:55:47pm on 7/31/11
im good so how are you? whats new?
Brandon Negron writes at 2:55:24pm on 7/31/11
im good so how are you? whats new?
Brandon Negron writes at 1:22:19pm on 7/29/11
hey how are you?
Salvation125 writes at 5:59:11pm on 7/28/11
Platinum was fun til I caught ALL of the pokemon