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Ummm...I like fudgee-o's...I'm not very interesting, but I like to pretend I am. I used to draw, but now I study pharmacy, I hate being ID'd for liqour and everything gives me gas!!
Reading, video games, cartoons...Your average nerdy crap.
Fav Music:
Nu-metal, punk are top of my list....then everything else...Yes everything!!
Fav Movies:
I watch the black and white movies that come on at 3am
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Xtreme2252 writes...
at 8:27:54pm on 12/17/08
np ^^
ShadowMist writes...
at 12:26:37am on 12/11/08
Oh lol! Doesn't everyone? :D I miss chocolate tooo...><
snowpatrolololol writes...
at 11:21:31am on 12/9/08
i live in caledon east which is like in the middle of no where cause were surrounded by forests and farms unless yu drive like 10mins than yull be around bolton or brampton, idk if yu know where those are xD
ShadowMist writes...
at 12:43:04am on 12/9/08
Thanks for the vote!! :D How have you been? ^^
snowpatrolololol writes...
at 8:34:17pm on 12/8/08
o.o forgot i already asked yu xD where do yu live in ontario?
snowpatrolololol writes...
at 8:11:08pm on 12/8/08
im abit tired but im fine ^^ yu?
snowpatrolololol writes...
at 2:58:59pm on 12/6/08
np xD i always add random ppl cause i like talking to random ppl :o hows yu?
snowpatrolololol writes...
at 3:55:59pm on 12/5/08
hai ^^
BeautifulCuzILoveYou writes...
at 11:57:17am on 11/30/08
thanks =]
Synthlight writes...
at 8:10:19pm on 11/23/08
First person to post on your wall.