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sadly i dont no..........but gurls i no i like so (~.^)
i like goin places im usually not at hom3....... n 2 all u h8t3rz out th3r3 r3adin diz dont say sh3t 2 m3 bkuz im mor3 d3n likl3y not 2 lik3 u
Fav Music:
ask n c wut it iz
Fav Movies:
ask n i mit3 t3ll ya
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inyoface123 writes...
at 2:30:22pm on 5/28/09
yo so like its been a while since ive been on i noticed.. whats new with you? i grad in like a week and ahalf!! im so ready for it :)
xXGothicChickenXx writes...
at 7:00:13pm on 1/27/09
ThAnX FoR The Addd
ashley=0 writes...
at 8:40:12am on 1/19/09
thx for the thumbs up and friend request =) TU4TU
cutebayb_560 writes...
at 7:25:17pm on 1/14/09
hey nice jk but rly wen do i get 2c u???=[
mch writes...
at 10:01:22am on 1/13/09
lol das funny lol
ur a idiot XD
mch writes...
at 10:43:40am on 1/12/09
only 1 way teh find out right
mch writes...
at 10:01:26am on 1/12/09
dun say sh3t you cant handle so jus stop
nd if yoo want come have em do it if ur 2 scared teh do it urself
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 9:21:01am on 1/12/09
it was okay.
i had to run errands for my parents,
so ididnt get to really do things i wanted. :)
what did you do?
mch writes...
at 9:12:24am on 1/12/09
yea right foo
u have no idea wut ur talkin bout
mch writes...
at 9:36:43pm on 1/11/09
wus ur problem man
i no wut town u live in so if i wuz u id watch meh back bitch
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