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こにちは!私の名前わテーラーです。私は日本語を学んでいる。 Nice to meet you! I'm Taylor and I'm studying Japanese. I'm 17 years old - enrolled in independent study, looking to major in graphic/web design - getting a job at a multi-million dollar web design company in January, teaching myself Japanese, playing SSBB competitively - and I play FFR! :) I'm a very friendly person and I love all kinds of music - so feel free to talk to me. FFR History: I got into FFR basically when I joined. I no lifed this game for about a month playing one handed and picked up spread in my last week. I then quit due to life issues and when I came back, FFR was down. Now that FFR is back up - I'm back.
Web Design Graphic Design Web Development Competitive Gaming 日本語
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Almost literally...everything. There is very little of what I don't like.
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5 Centimeters per Second Spirited Away Grave of the Fireflies
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Posted on: December 14, 2010, at 11:02:44pm   [0 comments]
Figured I'd make them public and organized.

[X]Achieve under 25,000 Overall Rank
[X]Achieve under 10,000 Overall Rank
[]Achieve under 5,000 Overall Rank
[]Achieve under 2,500 Overall Rank
[]Achieve under 1,000 Overall Rank

[X]Achieve under 10,000 Average Rank
[X]Achieve under 5,000 Average Rank
[x]Achieve under 2,500 Average Range
[]Achieve under 2,000 Average Rank
[]Achieve under 1,500 Average Rank
[]Achieve under 1,000 Average Rank

[X]AAA my first song
[]AAA all Difficulty 1 songs [1 left lol]
[]AAA all Difficulty 2 songs
[]AAA all Difficulty 3 songs
[]AAA all Difficulty 4 songs
[]50 AAA's
[]100 AAA's

[X]FC 100 songs
[]FC 50% of Public Songs {Token}
[x]FC all Difficulty 1-7 songs
[]FC all Difficulty 8 songs
[]FC all Difficulty 9 songs

[]Get as many tokens as I feel possible {need to go through and get a list of ones I feel are possible for me...}

[x]Achieve 1,000,000,000 Total Score
[]Achieve 2,500,000,000 Total Score
[]Achieve 4,000,000,000 Total Score

[x]10,000 Credits
[]20,040 Credits
[]50,000 Credits
[]100,000 Credits
[]??? Credits

[]Make myself a custom profile layout

Comment wall
street fighter writes...
at 2:12:36am on 5/16/12
did you started graphic design or drew on paper first
Vato_break writes...
at 3:19:36am on 6/1/11
where u at D:
LadyJawz writes...
at 12:25:41am on 1/22/11
はい! それ は がかかりました する.
iv been mostly focusing on reading it and awesomely enough my phone can display Japanese so im using it to practice! as well as the site you showed me, although juggling 2 part times is not fun or good for studying xD
Vares writes...
at 2:16:43am on 1/20/11
Yeah, I definitely will do that. Thanks again.
Vares writes...
at 11:52:45pm on 1/19/11
I switched to spread permanently now, and my FFR experience is so much better. I also started using the standalone player today, because before it wasn't registering my key taps and such. Just wanted to let you know that I took your advice on the spread thing, and things are going great. I also play at 1.15 speed now, which is pretty different but I prefer the quickness of it.
_Areyano_ writes...
at 2:51:53am on 12/30/10
eww snake? gross,need a shower now...joking,joking!,xP its all about marth though,fear that ariel priority...well even though hes not as good as he was in melee. kinda ranting here,sorry just feeling talkative ish.
_Areyano_ writes...
at 2:27:05am on 12/30/10
aw man,was hoping you did ohh well,but you play though ,whos your main?
_Areyano_ writes...
at 4:16:36pm on 12/29/10
hey SSBB,lets go right now,you me lets throw it DooowN,ha no one plays melee anymore xP,been missing those tournaments oh yeah forgot something:happy new year!1!
Vato_break writes...
at 3:26:01am on 12/29/10
LadyJawz writes...
at 4:34:20pm on 12/27/10
since my study guides are at home iv just been practicing my Kana so maybe we can continue here soon ^_^
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